Military Vehicle Collectors Rally April 2012

UPDATE: The MVCC Camp Delta and Battalion Communications Center for 2012 are now history. For some photos of the 2012 event setup, go to the Radio News category, MVCC Battalion Comm Center.  Good fun – more to follow…

MVCC Battalion Comm Center Apr 2012 N6CC

The Military Vehicle Collectors of California held their annual Camp Delta Rally and campout the week of 15-22 April 2012.  This is the largest military vehicle gathering in the West and is held at Camp Delta at Tower Park near Lodi CA.  The site is the KOA campground off Highway 12, five miles west of the intersection with I-5.  There are usually over 200 military vehicles of all types in attendance, many with the correct vintage radio equipment installed.  (There are lots of military radios there, many with Military Vehicles bolted to them).

Included were militaria displays, living history demonstrations, Civil War units, a large flea market, classic movies and good chow.  As with past MVCC rally’s, the West Coast Military Radio Collectors Group set up, operate and display a range of vintage military radio communications equipment.  In addition to the usual live operation of our station equipment, we had a PRD-1 HF radio direction finder up and running. Photos of past operations can be viewed in the Radio News category of this Blog.


PRD-1 radio Direction Finder Batt Comm Cen N6CC

“I think it needs some relative bearing grease”

A variety of military vehicles were found in every direction.

Battalion Comm Center: Part of HF and VHF Commo Positions – N6CC

NO Parking. Seriously.

Future Radio Men in training. MVCC / Battalion Comm Center, 2011