Camping / In the Boonies

Back Country Fun & Food!

UPDATED 6/6/2022 Training and back country exploration are always fun. Here are some photo’s and tales of some recent trips…(Some call it “camping”.) “If it’s raining – it’s training. If […]

Military Radio “Field Day” 2018

AFTER ACTION REPORT – Updated 6/3/19 Dateline: 23 June 2018, Forward Operating Base BIGFOOT The West Coast Military Radio Collectors Group, Detachment ALPHA (FWD) conducted field ops in conjunction with […]

Military Field Day Ops, 2016

Updated 8/10/17 The American Radio Relay League sponsors “Field Day” as an operating event to exercise Ham Radio communications under austere, grid-down conditions. Such as in an emergency when mass […]

Military Radio “Field Day” 2019

Military Radio Field Day 2019 After Action Report UPDATED 9 NOV 2019 Another field exercise was conducted by the West Coast Military Radio Collectors Group (Detachment Alpha, FWD). The overall […]

Alcohol Stove for camping

UPDATED 4/19/20       Plus other Hot Topics – like Fire by Friction Seems that I am the last camper in North America to have heard of these clever contraptions. Backpackers who […]

BigFoot Command Post discovered !

RADIOACTIVITY!: This primitive beast was recently seen and recorded on a home video and then tracked back to its apparent Command Post near an abandoned Uranium mine deep in the […]

Supporting the USMC “Young Marines” program

We have been involved as instructors with the Golden Gate Young Marines unit. They are from the San Francisco bay area and based on the USS Hornet museum ship.  We […]

West Coast Military Radio Collectors Group

UPDATED 8/12/22 FLASH.   The 2022 “Post-Covid” meetup is currently scheduled for 6, 7, 8 October 2022 at Camp San Luis Obispo.  Visit the West Coast MRCG website for further updates […]

Emergency Kits, Shelter, Nav, Signals etc

UPDATED 8/20/2022 “Be Prepared“ is the long-time Boy Scouts motto. A little pre-planning, some training and then lots of practice and you are off to a good start.  “If it’s […]

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Some long-lost Pix and notes from a 7 day trip I took to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Superior National Forest in the summer of 1973.  The BWCA is […]