Camping / In the Boonies

Back Country Fun & Food!

UPDATED 6/6/2022 Training and back country exploration are always fun. Here are some photo’s and tales of some recent trips…(Some call it “camping”.) “If it’s raining – it’s training. If […]

Military Radio “Field Day” 2018

AFTER ACTION REPORT – Updated 6/3/19 Dateline: 23 June 2018, Forward Operating Base BIGFOOT The West Coast Military Radio Collectors Group, Detachment ALPHA (FWD) conducted field ops in conjunction with […]

Military Field Day Ops, 2016

Updated 8/10/17 The American Radio Relay League sponsors “Field Day” as an operating event to exercise Ham Radio communications under austere, grid-down conditions. Such as in an emergency when mass […]

Military Radio “Field Day” 2019

Military Radio Field Day 2019 After Action Report UPDATED 9 NOV 2019 Another field exercise was conducted by the West Coast Military Radio Collectors Group (Detachment Alpha, FWD). The overall […]

Alcohol Stove for camping

UPDATED 4/19/20       Plus other Hot Topics – like Fire by Friction Seems that I am the last camper in North America to have heard of these clever contraptions. Backpackers who […]

BigFoot Command Post discovered !

RADIOACTIVITY!: This primitive beast was recently seen and recorded on a home video and then tracked back to its apparent Command Post near an abandoned Uranium mine deep in the […]

Supporting the USMC “Young Marines” program

Updated 1/8/2023: We have been involved as instructors with the Golden Gate Young Marines unit. They are from the San Francisco bay area and were based on the USS Hornet […]

West Coast Military Radio Collectors Group

UPDATED 8/12/22 FLASH.   The 2022 “Post-Covid” meetup is currently scheduled for 6, 7, 8 October 2022 at Camp San Luis Obispo.  Visit the West Coast MRCG website for further updates […]

Emergency Kits, Shelter, Nav, Signals etc

UPDATED 8/20/2022 “Be Prepared“ is the long-time Boy Scouts motto. A little pre-planning, some training and then lots of practice and you are off to a good start.  “If it’s […]

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Some long-lost Pix and notes from a 7 day trip I took to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Superior National Forest in the summer of 1973.  The BWCA is […]