Fast Patrol Torpedo Boats – PTF

Fast Patrol Torpedo Boats / PTF-17

PTF-17, PTF’s in general and Coastal River Division 21 Ops: Updated – 1/11/2024 A Work in Progress. First, a little background: Why PTF’s?  The Green Water Navy. Despite what several […]

Coastal River Division 21 Comm Center

CRD21 Comm Center: Well, lets start here because this is one place the boats communicated with (and this site is about Combat Comms!).  We built a shore Comm Center in […]

Coastal River Division 21 / Ops

UPDATED 16JAN21 On 16 June, 1973, CRD21 was Commissioned at the Great Lakes Naval Base near Chicago as the US Navy began to turn its attention to NATO operations in […]

PTF Firepower

Gunnery exercises aboard PTF’s.  (Bad Guys take note…) UPDATED 11/15/20 Below is a “shot” of GMG2 “Bobby” and GMG2 (SEAL) “Bob” preparing to fire an 81 mm mortar flare round.  […]

SEAL Training Ops at Coastal River Division 21

Coastal River Division 21 had a small SEAL detachment assigned to our Operations Department during its years at Great Lakes. Led by LT “Lee” and 4 – 5 senior enlisted […]