Generators and Powering Field Sets

AN/GRC-109 “Special Forces” Radio Set

UPDATED 7/30/2023:  My favorite “Black Radio”. The AN/GRC-109, AKA the “GRC-109” and “ANGRY 109”. Probably the ultimate “SHTF Radio” for trained (or trainable) personnel.Some research, observations and adventures below; probably […]

GRC-109 / GRC-9 Battery Operated Power Supplies

UPDATED 2/9/17 Both the GRC-9 and GRC-109 used the BA-48 battery to power their respective receivers as an option.  When operated from the various dynamotor, vibrator or AC supplies, the […]

Field Power: Honda EX-1000 RF Noise Problems & Other Alternatives

UPDATED 11/1/20 Honda EX-1000 Generator: I have been running several field radio systems from a Honda EX-1000 generator for AC power. (Technically, it’s an Alternator, not a Generator and that […]

Solid State Dynamotor

UPDATED 1/2/13 When I got the A.R.C. Type 12 Radio Set working, I did not have a suitable dynamotor, let alone the correct one, a D-10A.  Anxious to get it […]

GENSETS for AN/GRC-109 – RS1 and RS-6 Radio Sets

UPDATED 4/28/24 Known Gasoline GENSETS for, or usable with the AN/GRC-109, RS-1 and RS-6 systems: My favorite sets for field Ops. The UGP-12.  125 Watts, 115 VAC, 400 cps, 2-stroke […]