BigFoot Command Post discovered !

RADIOACTIVITY!: This primitive beast was recently seen and recorded on a home video and then tracked back to its apparent Command Post near an abandoned Uranium mine deep in the Sierra Nevada mountains.   After a long pursuit it was discovered sending out an Alert Message to its Clan using morse code on a 1950’s spy radio set during the subsequent surveillance of its lair.  Who knew that he was Radioactive??

Our BassPro covert game surveillance camera caught BigFoot sending out a morse code message using an obsolete RS-6 radio set. It probably salvaged the RS-6 from a B-47 Bomber that disappeared from radar in 1957 after taking off from Area 50. We were able to locate the wreckage near the abandoned Uranium mine. This 1950’s vintage agent radio was known to be carried as optional equipment aboard B-47’s while deployed on “special missions”.

Although eluding immediate capture, it was later seen entering a cave complex adjacent to the Uranium mine. Although probably a juvenile Bigfoot (judging by its short stature), it is either very old or the Gamma radiation from the U-238 has bleached its fur to a silvery-gray color. It has gone to ground in this mining complex where it would be safe from future discovery – for now…