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Military Vehicle Collectors Rally April 2012

UPDATE: The MVCC Camp Delta and Battalion Communications Center for 2012 are now history. For some photos of the 2012 event setup, go to the Radio News category, MVCC Battalion […]

Crystal Radios / Fox Hole Radios: For me, it all started here

My father built this Heathkit CR-1 Crystal Radio for me for my birthday when I was in the 5th grade, circa 1959.  I helped ;0)….. It was a magical device […]

GRC-109 / GRC-9 Battery Operated Power Supplies

UPDATED 2/9/17 Both the GRC-9 and GRC-109 used the BA-48 battery to power their respective receivers as an option.  When operated from the various dynamotor, vibrator or AC supplies, the […]

The venerable Command Set

UPDATED 5/8/18 Most seasoned Hams grew up with these radios: transmitters, receivers or both.  Designed for high frequency AM Voice (mostly) or CW aircraft-to-aircraft communications during WWII, they performed the […]

N6CC Stealth Mobile

UPDATED 7/2/19 While one is in the Ham Radio game using military radio equipment, it only makes sense to have a tactical vehicle filled with tactical military radio equipment…but I […]

A.R.C. Type 12 VHF AM Aircraft System

UPDATED 8/7/18 Some notes on the A.R.C. “Type 12” VHF AM radio system used on both private and some US military aircraft in the 1950’s and into the 1960’s. In […]

PRT-4 / PRR-9 Squad Radio Set

UPDATED 11/16/18 The PRT-4 and PRR-9 worked together as an attempt at a simple, lightweight Squad radio, albeit one-way. First fielded in Vietnam by the U.S. Army in March 1967, […]

The “Tells Peak” B-17C Crash Site

UPDATED 7/17/17 This is a story about a trip to the B-17C bomber that crashed in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California in November 1941, a month before the Pearl […]

I watched a B-26 (A-26) go down near Mitchel Field NY

UPDATED 6/4/16: I grew up about a mile and a half from Mitchel Air Force Base on Long Island NY, almost directly under the main approach to Runway 30.  As […]

Portable Field Antenna Kit

UPDATED 7/28/19 A simple kit for temporary, lightweight, deployable wire antennas is essential for any field Ops including EMCOMM work.  No “Rocket Surgery” here, just proven, simple, efficient systems that […]