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“Canteen” Shortwave Radio Receiver

UPDATED 12/3/12  One recent project was building a replica of the “canteen radio” that was used by US Army personnel in the Japanese POW camp at Cabanatuan in the Philippines […]

The RS-6 Radio Set

UPDATED 7/25/16 Another favorite Black Radio is the RS-6 set.  Some other sites go into the technical details of this set but I will mainly focus on general description, observations […]

Back Country Fun & Food!

UPDATED 7/1/16 Camping and back country exploration are always fun. Here are some photo’s and tales of some recent trips… “If it’s raining – it’s training. If it’s sun – […]

Alcohol Stove for camping

UPDATED 10/30/14 Seems that I am the last camper in North America to have heard of these clever contraptions. Backpackers who go the “ultra light” route have been making simple, […]

MRCG – MRHS Operating Event 2013

The 18th Annual Muster of the West Coast Military Radio Collectors Group has just concluded on May 4th, 2013.  The meeting was set up at the California National Guard base […]

MRGC-MVCC Battalion Communications Center

UPDATED: 4/30/14 Battalion Communications Center – Military Vehicle Collectors of California Rally’s:  A periodic display of Military Communications Equipment at the MVCC events.  Some interesting “Joint Operations” were held at […]

Out There / HAARP

HAARP: High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program HAARP has been shut down at least temporarily since May 2013 due to budget cuts. But the primary reason is the inability of […]

Radio News

UPDATED 11/11/15 What’s happening at N6CC, both at the home QTH as well as tactical ops out in the boonies. Type 12 / MAW Hearability Tests:  In October 2010 we […]

Military Vehicle Collectors Rally April 2012

UPDATE: The MVCC Camp Delta and Battalion Communications Center for 2012 are now history. For some photos of the 2012 event setup, go to the Radio News category, MVCC Battalion […]

Crystal Radios / Fox Hole Radios: For me, it all started here

My father built this Heathkit CR-1 Crystal Radio for me for my birthday when I was in the 5th grade, circa 1959.  I helped ;0)….. It was a magical device […]