Antenna Systems

N6CC Stealth Mobile

UPDATED 3/6/16 While one is in the Ham Radio game using military radio equipment, it only makes sense to have a tactical vehicle filled with tactical military radio equipment…but I […]

Portable Field Antenna Kit

UPDATED 12/5/18 A simple kit for temporary, lightweight, deployable wire antennas is essential for any field Ops including EMCOMM work.  No “Rocket Surgery” here, just proven, simple, efficient systems that […]

Stealthy / Covert Antennas

“Never do anything to attract enemy fire – It annoys those around you” Murphys Laws of Combat. UPDATED 7/7/18 This section will deal with various means to covertly operate radio […]

Field Expedient Antenna Systems

And other simple DIY Antenna Contraptions UPDATED 5/26/18 “If it’s stupid – but works – it isn’t stupid”  Murphy’s Laws of Combat A good field expedient antenna must first start […]