You can contact me on any of the following circuits when in-range

3550 kc CW Nights

5357 kc USB while I am underway – Daily

7050 kc CW Days

51.0 mc, FM Simplex

146.565 mc, FM Simplex

I’d especially like to hear from any Alumni of CRD21 or MIUW 1920/103.  You can give a sanity check on my Sea Stories or provide even better ones – or better versions!  I remember your names but I have tried here to protect the innocent by not publishing them. For you MIUW vets, please join our Yahoo Group bulletin board to maintain Comms. Visit
and sign up!!

For Transmission Authentication purposes, you can prove your authenticity by providing the following information:

Coastal River Division 21: The names of any of our Chief Staff Officers, Engineering Officer or First LT. 
Reply: I will tell you what kind of roadkill animal a certain SEAL tried to cook in the Boathouse clothes dryer.

MIUW: The name of our SEAL CO or our JANAP 119 Voice Callsign.
Reply: Our “Nom de guerre” during restaurant infiltrations