Design and Engineering Projects

Ammo Box Radio !

UPDATED 2/16/21 Did you ever have a need for a particular piece of Military surplus equipment – only to find the Military never had such a device?  Much less “surplussed” […]

Solid State Dynamotor

UPDATED 1/2/13 When I got the A.R.C. Type 12 Radio Set working, I did not have a suitable dynamotor, let alone the correct one, a D-10A.  Anxious to get it […]

Other Field Expedients

A collection of field expedient stuff, electronics, camping and otherwise: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome (Also see field expedient antennas in the Antennas sections) Field Expedient Antennas Field expedient keyer paddle: To […]

GRC-9 Receiver Dial and Panel Illumination

UPDATED: 5JAN14 The dial light in the GRC-9 receiver is pretty dim. I thought about shunt powering an LED off the receiver B+ line via a dropping resistor but that […]