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This site is all about vintage military radios, Ham Radio, electronics design and construction, communications, the Navy, amplitude modulation, dirt bikes, military history, communications intercept, astronomy, navigation, military vehicles, morse code, camping, PT Boats, DIY, backwoods exploration, field telephones, cats, militaria, education, community emergency response, vacuum tube radios, shortwave utility monitoring, training, radio direction finding, gizmology, knobology, photography, radio teletype, primitive technology, cryptography, military aircraft, early Ford Broncos, radio wave propagation, mobile comms equipment, antennas, travel and  freelance adventuring in general.

In particular, what happens when you mix much of that together, many at the same time.

Comments, inputs, corrections always welcome.  This website is a work-in-progress and I will be updating and adding material to it continually.

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