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End Fed Half Wave Wire Antennas

UNDER CONSTRUCTION – 10/9/21 Stay Tuned… End Fed Half Wave wire antennas must be great. Everyone is selling them! Meh. The antenna engineer’s axiom – and – Who doesn’t like […]

PRC-174 HF Manpack Radio Set

UPDATE: 7/12/21 I recently obtained a veteran RT-936/PRC-174 HF manpack radio from a fellow Ham (Thanks!). These were made by Tadiran from a design clearly originating from Hughes, makers of […]

Mil Radio Ops at FOB COVID 2020

The following is a brief After Action Report on Military Radio training operations at Forward Operating Base COVID, July 2020. Scheduling difficulties required delaying from the June 2020 ARRL Field […]

TRC-77A HF CW Transceiver

UPDATED 6/8/21 A friend recently gave me an RT-654A/TRC-77. Also known as the TRC-77A.  The RT-654(*) is the basic component of the “AN/TRC-77” set. (“TRC” = Transportable Radio Communications. The […]

Fast Patrol Torpedo Boats / PTF-17

PTF-17, PTF’s in general and Coastal River Division 21 Ops: Updated – 3/11/21 A Work in Progress.First, a little background: Why PTF’s?  The Green Water Navy. Despite what several Keyboard […]

The PRC-47 HF SSB/CW/RATT Transceiver

Updated 10/7/21 Some notes regarding the Collins PRC-47.  This radio was designed by Collins and produced by them but they also subcontracted with Bendix to produce additional sets. All Collins […]

AN/GRC-109 “Special Forces” Radio Set

UPDATED 7/17/21:  My favorite “Black Radio” even with its few quirks.Probably the ultimate “SHTF Radio” for trained (or trainable) personnel.Some research, observations and adventures below; probably more than you ever […]

SCR-284 Radio Set

UPDATED 22 Feb 2021.  The SCR-284 was used extensively during WWII.  The basic component is the BC-654-A receiver transmitter. Designed as a portable field radio, the complete field set could […]

PRC-25 Radio Set

UPDATED 9/19/21 The AN/PRC-25 (AKA “Prick-25”) had a relatively short but very successful history before it was soon replaced by the incrementally-improved PRC-77. In 1967 General Creighton Abrams, deputy commander […]

AN/GRC-9 Radio Set

Updated 5/3/21: US Marines of a Tactical Air Control Party with the First Marine Division in combat at the Chosin Reservoir operating a GRC-9 transmitter-receiver.  Hand cranked generator, cold weather, […]