Ham Radio ops at N6CC

N6CC Fixed Stations

UPDATED: 9/8/20 One of many morphs of my station.  Mostly WWII equipment with some from the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Definitely “EMP Proof”.  Patch panels allow me to select any of […]

Short Wave Listening at N6CC

Early Short Wave Listening, Numbers Stations, The Woodpecker etc As with many Hams I started out young as a Short Wave Listener “SWL”. Even today, long after I earned my […]

Collins 618F-1A VHF Aircraft Transceiver

UPDATE 9/18/2022 The latest project at N6CC is “reviving” a 1965 Collins 618F-1A VHF aircraft radio.  This radio was designed for light aircraft as an early frequency – synthesized radio […]

MVCC-MRCG Camp Delta Comms AAR 2018

Update: 9/29/18 The Military Radio Collectors Group (DET A, FWD) had a small but operational display at Camp Delta during the September 20-23 rally of the Military Vehicle Collectors of […]

Military Vehicles and Radios MVCC/MRCG

2016 MVPA RallyThe 41st annual International Convention and rally of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association was held at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton CA on 11-13 August 2016. The […]

West Coast Military Radio Collectors Group

UPDATED 5/13/2023 FLASH.   The 2022 “Post-Covid” meetup is currently scheduled for 6, 7, 8 October 2022 at Camp San Luis Obispo.  Visit the West Coast MRCG website for further updates […]

Numbers Stations, The Woodpecker etc.

The so-called “Numbers Stations“ are a favorite topic on the Interwebs. Some obvious open source information is available but wild speculation about them is widespread. I won’t try to duplicate […]

R-390A HF Receiver

Updated 2/7/2022 I have had my Collins-designed receiver for many years, it is superb on CW as one would expect and it sounds good on AM. Probably hard to beat […]